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A lot of attention has gone to tasks feature, often being in the center of the workflow of a company.

Kanban board

Agile & lean

Those tasks can be managed in several ways – kanban board being one of them.



There is a complete document editing as well, with real time collaboration.



Design your products with our graphics editor. Naturally, multiple users can work on the same design at the same time.



Customer support is essential for most businesses. Customers and the issues they report are kept neatly origanized.

Comes with a "live chat" and email integration.



Databases are a versatile data store. For example, you can build simple apps or create static websites with them. A CRM (customer relationship management) is easy to do with this feature.

Headless CMS

Headless CMS

Databases are good for a headless CMS. Take one of our example sites and develop it into your own!

E-commerce sites

E-commerce sites

With the database you can even create static e-commerce sites. See our Gatsby e-commerce demo here!



Connect your website forms to Aamu.app.

Create contact forms easily.


Single page apps

Because you can get data in and out of that database, you can create simple single page applications.

Start with our example calendar app.

Video calls

Video meetings

No remote collaboration suite would be complete without video calls. Aamu.app includes the leader of Open Source video call software (Jitsi).

(Photo credits: https://jitsi.org/.)

Event calendar

Event reservations

Like with Calendly™, you can let others to reserve meetings from your calendar.



Just with one glance you can see what is going on in your company.



Aamu.app is built around collaboration – which means that every separate feature isn't really separate, they are tightly integrated with collaboration.


All your data is encrypted on the server-side with your password. Only you and your teammates can access your data.

Don't lose your password! If you lose it, there is no "forgot password" feature, because even we can't access your data!


FREE for single users (100 MB of files).

For teams of two members or more the price is $5 USD per active user / month.

We can also do installations on companies' premises, plase ask us. or for alternative payment methods (e.g. crypto yearly), plase ask us.

Not convinced?

Read our introduction to Aamu.app blog post.

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