Good Morning! Aamu means “morning” in Finnish.

Tired of a million tools?

Do you think you should get all the important business tools from the same place?

Be it team communication, file sharing, tasks, calendar, document editing or helpdesk, you will get them from Aamu.app.

Aamu.app will grow with our users – we have big things planned!

Communicate in style

Specifically: in social networking style. This will keep all the communication neatly organized, each topic in their own post and thread.

There are also group chats, which may be better suited for casual chatting.


A comprehensive tasks feature includes a kanban board, a normal list view, a calendar view and a timeline view.

We have also a “dark mode”, which may be easier to the eyes.

Kanban board

Agile project management is a breeze; here you see the Kanban board. You can also use time tracking to keep track of your work.


There is a complete document editing as well, with real time collaboration features built in!


Helpdesk, or customer support, is essential for most businesses. Customers, and the issues they report, are kept neatly origanized.

Helpdesk comes with a "live chat" and email integration.


On top of all that, the database features allows you to build almost anything you can think of. You can use this for CRMs (customer relationship management), static websites (there is a GraphQL API) and more. Pretty much for anything you can think of.


Aamu.app is built around collaboration – similar, unified collaboration features are present everywhere.


All your data (messages, tasks, files, etc.)(1) are encrypted server-side(2) with your password (key). Only you and your teammates can access your data.

Don't lose your password! If you lose it, there is no "forgot password" feature, because even we can't access your data.

  • (1) The helpdesk is an exception. Helpdesk tickets are not encrypted.
  • (2) The encryption happens on server side as soon as your data arrives. No human has an access to it.


The price is $3 USD per active user / month. That's three dollars. Plain and simple.

There is a trial period of 15 days. A user becomes “an active user” when logging in.

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