One Tool to rule them all
Ilkka Huotari, Founder
21/02/2019, 09:39 pm

OneTool.app — One Tool to rule them all

It is time to rename and relaunch the app!

In the past year, this app has evolved in many ways; it has new features, the user experience has been refined and the whole idea has become clearer. Earlier, the name was Project5 (.co), and the idea was “a project management app”. Soon it became apparent, though, that this wasn’t a very attractive idea as there are a lot of project management apps, and those differ from each other by only a little. Something needed to be done.

At the same time I kept coding, because that is what I do. So, I kept adding new features and refining old ones, and at some point a new idea popped up — the app should contain all of the most common business tools. And a name to it came almost automatically. First the slogan — One Tool to rule them all — and then the name OneTool.app.

In the future the plan is to add more features: CMS (website management), spreadsheets, slides (Powerpoint) and email — at least. That will give a clear roadmap for the product.

OneTool.app Docs

Oh, this is NOT just about the features. This is also about effective and effortless team communication. Team communication is everywhere. This is done by small characteristics, or mini-features/featurettes, which are present everywhere in the app. You will see that when you use OneTool.app a little and you will love it.

We are now in beta, so please, give a lot of feedback. You can do that on Twitter or on our Forums. Thanks!