One Tool to rule them all
Ilkka Huotari, Founder
16/10/2019, 08:37 pm

A name change (again)

A couple of weeks ago we received a “friendly” email that we are infringing the trade mark of another company and that we should change our name ASAP or else. It was a European Union trademark and we had to change our name in the European Union.

So we have now changed our name, at least in the EU at first. In the EU we are now called boxapp.co (with a slogan “box of apps – all from the same place”). Outside EU we are still known as OneTool.app, but we will probably change the name completely everywhere – having two names is just confusing, right?

OneTool.app was a pretty sweet name, but what can you do? I checked everything I could do – all my options – but in he end it was clear that they were the first-to-market and they had the rights to that name. And they are in the same market as we are, so there is a clear conflict with that – a customer can confuse the products with each other. So, we changed our name.

Hey, the name boxapp.co isn’t so bad either, right?

And the product has been improving quite a lot, so there shouldn’t be too much worries ahead. We are creating new features (or I should say: expand our value proposition), which should appeal to even larger audience.

See you there there!

Update: We have now changed our name completely.
Update 2: We changed our name again, to Aamu.app. :-)